2013 CanAm tour report from Marshall, MI

Well, touring season for 2013 is officially under way with the Casual T’s of Michigan hosting our annual CANAM this year in Marshall, Michigan on May 17-19, 2013 AND the weather could not have been better. There were 31 cars registered and for those who arrived early on Friday, there was a get acquainted with Marshall tour which included stops at 4 local museums. One was to Honolulu House built as a private residence for Judge Abner Pratt when he returned from being U.S. Consul in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). The home has a definite Hawaiian flair but one of the fun things was a staircase going nowhere except to a window overlooking the home across the street (occupied by his daughter and son-in-law who was his law partner). Guess he just liked to check up on the family!! There also was a Grand Army of the Republic Museum housing civil war and other memorabilia. The Michael W. Schragg Post Office and U.S. Postal Museum was originally a private collection of “stuff” but has grown into an extensive collection of postal materials from stamps and letter boxes to old uniforms and railroad mail sacks. John and I actually were the only ones in the museum at the time and got a private tour and Mr. Schragg definitely has a passion for his lifetime occupation. In the evening some of the folk went to the American Museum of Magic which included the “Milk Can” and “Overboard Box” escape equipment used by Houdini himself! At the campground in the evening we had a campfire and some needed “catch up” time.

With the arrival of another great day on Saturday we were off with a police escort out of town due to some road closures for a race (talk about feeling special) heading to our first stop, the Gardner House Museum (after a coffee stop with goodies of course). It held furnishings and clothing from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While it was filled with stuff we have seen before, it is always fabulous to see such an accumulation of well preserved items for all to see and remember. After that we stopped at Walters Gasoline Museum which is again a private collection of everything pertaining to the early gas stations. Very interesting. Then it was on to Cornwell’s Turkeyville for lunch. I wonder just how many turkeys are consumed in a single day! When we were there, there were several crafters displaying their wares. We all met at the VFW hall for a delicious banquet and several folk walked away with some very nice door prizes. Thanks to the donors. We were also invited to visit the Governor’s Mansion if we had time either before or after dinner. Unfortunately we ran out of time but it sure looked quite impressive from the outside. While a few repairs had to be done, we were able to enjoy a fun campfire in the evening complete with s’mores.

Sunday morning again arrived with gorgeous sunshine and following the drivers’ meeting we were off to the Gilmore Museum (via coffee and treats of course). The Gilmore Museum is not to be missed if you ever have an opportunity. The museum is housed in several buildings and includes fabulous Dusenbergs, Model A’s, Steam cars, Pierce-Arrows and even a Tucker. Quite something to see. Then it was time to relax and enjoy the scenery on the way back to camp/hotel (via ice cream of course!). While the U.S. T’ers had to make their way home, we Ontarians were able to relax for another evening and put on the campfire again and chatted and enjoyed.

It is of note to say that we missed seeing Gray and Jane Robling as Jane is in hospital but I understand she is improving daily. We missed you Jane. Thanks to the entire Casual T gang but in particular Chuck & Ginger Mitchell, Jill McCririe and Mike Phillips. Yours in Model T’ing, Jo Eagles