2013 Huntsville tour report

Well, it seems as if fall is definitely upon us with colder nights and less and less hot days. However we all know that in Canada the weather can be somewhat dramatic at times and surprise us all. Our last tour was held on Sept. 13-15, 2013 in Huntsville, Ontario hosted by Gord, Anne and John Morton. It was very successful with 23 cars on tour. Folks began arriving on Friday evening and the weather was somewhat less than warm. Out came the sweaters, scarves and mitts and much heavier jackets. While a few adventurous folk decided that an ice cream run was an absolute must, the rest of us anxiously awaited the warmth of the fire and companionship.

Saturday morning arrived cool yet somewhat sunny so after goodies and much chatting, we were off (all bundled up and cozy). We made sure we were all gassed up and then off. First stop was the Fire Place Store. My oh my, were some of the displays gorgeous. The fireplaces themselves were very nice but the stone work around them was exquisite. Certainly made everyone think of delightful evenings in front of a fire. There were some interesting hills but we all navigated them very well and on to the next stop at the Village Pottery and then on to Windermere. The dock there is very nice and with the sun out it was a lovely stop beside the water. (Noticed a few ice cream cones being enjoyed). This was a good spot to stir whatever was in the cookers as well – stew, jambalaya, macaroni and cheese – just delightful! The next stop was Port Carling with its nice shops and wharf. The Muskoka Lakes Museum is here as well and it has an excellent display of artifacts and information on the history of Muskoka. Highly recommended! The roads back to the site were excellent with a few low gear “hills” and a few bumps as well but it was refreshing to smell the earth and forget about city life for a while. Back at camp we all were able to de-layer some and prepare for the delicious pot luck and roast beef on a bun dinner. We always eat very well – think I have mentioned that before!

After more goodies it was off on a shorter Poker Run Tour on Sunday. Although the weather was grayer, it was also a bit warmer. The first poker card was picked at a Nascar Race Fan Collection. The multitude of cars and memorabilia was beautifully displayed and lovingly cared for. The next “card” stop was past the Canada Summit Center built for the G8 Summit at an outlook over Huntsville. After driving up a couple of VERY LARGE HILLS we made it to the top and the view was spectacular. The third Poker Card was picked at the home of Randy and Nancy Nickason’s home where we visited their Dodge Collection. This is the home of the 1969 Dodge Road Runner that was the second runner up of the McGuire’s Competition for the best cars in Canada. Not too shabby! Number four poker card was picked up at Yummies in a Jar and the John Murden Gallery. At this stop there were enticing jams, jellies, marinades and dressings to tempt everyone`s imagination and tummy. The artwork was also very lovely. The last leg of the day took us on an unassumed road and more than once we wondered if we were indeed on the right road - BUT WE WERE! What fun! The last card of the day was picked back at the site just before we enjoyed pizza and leftovers. AND GUESS WHO WON THE POKER RUN – THE EAGLES!! YAY! Thanks Gord, Anne and John for that surprise. The weather held out until the last of the folks leaving for home were underway and the few of us who stayed to delay leaving until Monday morning were sheltered from the deluge of rain under the big canopy.

Thank you to the Morton`s for a lovely tour with good if challenging roads, great company and fine food. With this being the last formal tour of the season, I wish everyone a warm and cozy winter with rejuvenated cars in the spring and healthy drivers and navigators set to go in 2014.

Yours in Model T`ìng, Jo Eagles